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What is Bioremediation?

Bioremediation is a process where naturally occurring microorganisms are used to clean up contamination, in this case oil or hydrocarbon-based contamination or sludges and drilling fluids.  This enables the area to be restored to its original state without the use of chemicals or other inorganic solutions, which may result in other problems.

Types of Bioremediation

It can be done in various ways, depending on the specific case. The contaminated material can be treated onsite (in situ) or be removed and treated at an off-site location. There are benefits and drawbacks of each method, and the overall merits can be determined on a case-by-case basis.

Applications of Bioremediation

  • Diesel, gasoline, waste oil, creosote, MTBE, and other organic wastes
  • Oil Spills in swamps, lagoons, shorelines, and ponds
  • In Storage Tanks: Oil crust, sludge, and other tank residue
  • Manufacturing Plants waste such as Cutting oils, solvents, pipe thread dope, hydraulic oil, diesel
  • Waste Water Treatment Plants: Bioremediation can aid in reducing the volume of sludge and improves settling in treatment plants.
  • Results have demonstrated less odor, quicker recovery from overloads, and improved efficiency.
  • Electrical and material savings are also achieved.

The Bioremediation Process

The range of carbon-based molecular chain organic wastes are referred to as “Hydrocarbons”. Bioremediation converts hazardous hydrocarbon waste to carbon dioxide, water, and other biologically accepted intermediate organic waste. When hydrocarbons are degraded, the soil/water will convert to an activated condition, suitable for normal use. The microbial population will decline as the hydrocarbon food source is reduced. The effected ecosystem will eventually return to its natural microbial base level.

This process would have occurred in nature, however the time taken for its completion could be anywhere from 25 to 200 years. What Bioremediation does is “speed up” the natural process, so that years long cleanup may only take between weeks to a few months.


Bioremediation is a proven, cost-effective solution for cleaning up contaminated sites. Both the microbes and nutrients used in the process are natural products and present no danger to the environment or human health.

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