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Environmental Consultancy

The Environmental Management Act became law in the early 2000’s. To operate in this country, companies are required to comply with the law.

Planning a project, large or small scale, or even making changes to your current operations may need the requisite environmental approvals. At SYGMA Environmental, we’re here to support you in assessing your compliance with all aspects of the legislation.

We can assist your organization in understanding and complying with environmental regulations and standards such as:

  • Certificates of Environmental Clearance (CECs) – We can assist and walk you through the process in obtaining environmental permits and approvals.
  • Noise Variation Permits, Monitoring and Managing Noise Pollution to ensure compliance
  • Environmental Regulatory Permits and Approvals: We can work along with your organization in acquiring the necessary to ensure all works are within or above the requirements of the legislation
  • Source Registration Applications & Permits for Air or Water: We can do the ground work in seeking to attain clearance for you

We can assess your organization’s performance against standards such as ISO 14001 and highlight gaps. In each assessment, measures to close these gaps are also included.

We will also prepare a plan for successful implementation of the standard in your company.

We can then develop an Environmental Management System for your organization, conduct a complete roll out and training for staff, and apply for ISO 14001 certification from the certifying body.

We will also conduct ongoing internal audits to ensure that the requirements of the standard are being met and upkept.

Environmental Monitoring and Consultancy

In general, we can undertake the following:

  • Environmental Impact Assessment(s)
  • Environmental and/or Social Management Plan(s)
  • Environmental Assessment & Management Plan(s),
  • Stakeholder Engagement Plan(s).
  • Air quality and climate,
  • Biodiversity,
  • Coastal sensitivity mapping,
  • Coastal and mangrove studies,
  • Ecosystem services studies,
  • Marine geology and sediment studies,
  • Onshore and offshore air quality monitoring and modeling,
  • Socioeconomic studies (e.g. livelihoods, fisheries, community health, traffic, light, dust, economic benefits, etc.),
  •  Social infrastructure and services,
  • Other studies supporting environmental impact, management, and permitting requirements,
  • Air quality,
  • Sound, light and dust controls,
  • Wastewater discharge
  • Storm water runoff and sediment controls,
  • Flora and fauna,
  • Waste management.
  • Develop advocacy materials for Clients,
  • Support Clients in public and stakeholder meetings,
  • Aid in obtaining any necessary regulatory permits or authorizations,
  • Assist in identifying applicable regulatory permits and requirements,
  • Develop and deliver technical training to stakeholders, including government agencies.

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