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Hazardous Building Material Surveys

Our service includes performing inspections and sampling and analysis to determine if the materials in a building are hazardous, such as asbestos in the roof, lead in the paint or pigeon droppings on a ledge. This may be necessary in places where renovation and/or demolition is set to occur.

One of our qualified experts will visually inspect, sample and record the type, location and condition of the hazardous materials in your location. These findings will be catalogued to form a report along which includes a risk assessment and control recommendations on the management of the materials.

Depending on whether the building is occupied, to be refurbished or to be demolished will influence the level and invasiveness of the inspection. The survey will be performed accordingly and our team will liaise with you to establish your needs and requirements. Hazardous materials surveys can be performed out of business hours in order to minimise disruption.

Some of the hazardous materials identified will include but is not limited to the following:

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