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West Indian Tobacco Co. Ltd. (WITCO)


Ambient Air Quality




Ambient Air Monitoring & Analysis of Dust for Nicotine

Sygma Environmental spearheaded the Ambient Air Monitoring project at the WITCO compound, focusing on four fence line locations to assess particulate matter (PM10 and 2.5), NO2, SO2, NH3, O3, and CO. This initiative was imperative to comply with the Trinidad and Tobago Environmental Management Authority’s (EMA) Air Pollution Rules.

Our team conducted thorough Ambient Air Quality Monitoring at four strategic locations along the facility’s fence line. This process aimed to gauge the levels of various pollutants, ensuring adherence to regulatory standards.

Simultaneously, meteorological conditions at the site were diligently recorded throughout the air monitoring period. This additional layer of data collection provided contextual information for the air quality assessment. To enhance precision, each sample point’s location was recorded using GPS (UTM20). This tagging allowed for accurate mapping and spatial analysis.

Sygma Environmental presented the gathered data and findings in a comprehensive format, facilitating a clear understanding of the air quality status. The results of air monitoring were compared to the EMA’s Air Pollution Rules 2014. This assessment aimed to ensure strict adherence to regulatory standards. In a unique dimension, the dust collected during the monitoring process underwent analysis for nicotine content.