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2018 - 2020

KS&P Ltd.

Alutech Aluminium Plant Construction Project

Sygma Environmental played a pivotal role in providing comprehensive HSE oversight for the construction of the Alutech Aluminium Plant, strategically located in the e-Teck Industrial Park in Tamana. This facility was dedicated to the manufacturing of aluminum products, specifically vehicle wheel rims. Sygma Environmental provided comprehensive Health, Safety, and Environmental (HSE) Oversight in collaboration with the Project Manager.

Our involvement included the identification of hazards and associated risks, coupled with the provision of effective mitigation measures. A thorough Health, Safety, and Environmental (HSE) Gap Analysis was conducted to assess the current state of affairs and identify gaps with existing legislation.

Sygma Environmental provided detailed reports and onsite guidance to address identified gaps, ensuring a proactive approach to HSE compliance throughout the construction of the Alutech Aluminium Plant.

Our team actively engaged in onsite health, safety, and environmental oversight, contributing to a secure and environmentally responsible working environment.

Recognizing the importance of stakeholder involvement, Sygma Environmental participated in stakeholder consultation sessions. This collaborative effort aimed to address concerns about the plant, fostering a transparent and inclusive approach.

Throughout the project, our engagement extended to unique aspects such as the relocation of owls onsite. Additionally, we provided valuable advice on sewage maintenance for the construction contractor and waste disposal, showcasing our commitment to holistic environmental management.