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Sport Company of Trinidad & Tobago (SPORTT), Ministry of Sport


Environmental Management



KS&P Ltd.

Environmental Management Plan for the Eddie Hart Savannah Upgrade

Sygma Environmental conducted a pivotal Environmental Management Plan for KS&P Ltd, the Project Managers overseeing the upgrade of facilities at the Eddie Hart Grounds in Tacarigua. The project, commissioned by The Ministry of Sport through the Sport Company of Trinidad and Tobago (SPORTT), sought to enhance the grounds, and our consultancy aimed to assess the potential impacts of the proposed project and its operations on both the natural and social environment.

Our team initiated the project with a comprehensive review of documents, plans, and studies related to the proposed upgrade. This initial step allowed us to identify potential impacts on the natural environment during both the construction and operational phases.

We delved into key aspects of the project, focusing on noise pollution and mitigation strategies during construction and operation, air pollution and corresponding mitigation measures, water pollution considerations, and strategies for solid waste generation and mitigation throughout both construction and operation.

The Environmental Management Plan also emphasized resource optimization, including measures to reduce energy usage and strategies to curtail water consumption. Throughout the report, each identified measure and aspect were meticulously referenced to meet the requirements stipulated by the Trinidad and Tobago Environmental Management Authority (EMA).