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Sport Company of Trinidad & Tobago (SPORTT), Ministry of Sport


Environmental Management & Consultancy


2014 - 2015

KS&P Ltd.

Environmental Management Plan for Irwin Park Upgrade, Siparia

Sygma Environmental played a vital role in the comprehensive upgrade of the Irwin Park Sporting Facility in Siparia, focusing on the construction of a cycling track, stands, a football field, and related amenities. Our involvement went beyond physical transformation, incorporating a strategic approach to environmental management and safety compliance.

Our team conducted a thorough Environmental Management Plan, reviewed project plans to identify potential environmental impacts during the construction phase. Mitigation measures were then devised to minimize or eliminate these impacts, aligning with the Certificate of Environmental Clearance.

In tandem with environmental considerations, we reviewed the Contractor’s HSE Manual and procedures, ensuring alignment with the Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) Act 2004. Site inspections were conducted to verify compliance with both the Contractor HSE Manual and the OSH Act, culminating in a detailed report highlighting findings and offering recommendations to bridge identified gaps.

Our commitment extended to bi-monthly site inspections and audits, ensuring continual adherence to established procedures, guidelines, and regulatory requirements. This proactive approach aimed not only to identify potential issues but also to provide real-time solutions, fostering a safe and environmentally compliant construction environment. Through careful planning, compliance assessments, and continuous on-site oversight, we played a crucial role in ensuring the successful execution of this transformative project.