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Safety Plus Ltd.


Environmental Compliance Audit



Safety Plus Ltd.

Environmental Compliance Audit for Operations in Pt. Lisas

Sygma Environmental conducted a comprehensive environmental compliance audit for SPL operations situated at Pt. Lisas. This audit aimed to assess the organization’s current environmental standing in alignment with local legislation, element 8 of the STOW-TT system, and ISO 14001 standards.

The initial phase involved an off-site audit of SPL’s operations in Pt. Lisas, emphasizing a comprehensive document review. This enabled us to identify potential impacts on the natural environment. Our team verified SPL’s compliance and conformance with local environmental regulations and industry best practices.

We assessed SPL’s environmental management system, documents, procedures, and existing frameworks. This involved a combination of document and record reviews, coupled with on-site inspections. Our focus was on highlighting gaps against the legal requirements stipulated by the Environmental Management Authority, element eight of the STOW-TT system, and ISO 14001.

Sygma Environmental provided actionable recommendations to address identified gaps and achieve compliance. Additionally, we offered guidance to formulate an environmental policy, fostering a structured and effective approach to environmental management