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Sanitec Ltd

Environmental Consultancy & Environmental Management Plan. CEC Application.

Sygma Environmental conducted an environmental consultancy for Sanitec Ltd., facilitating their application for a Certificate of Environmental Clearance (CEC) from the Environmental Management Authority (EMA). The project, prompted by Sanitec’s relocation from Rio Claro to Las Lomas, aimed to ensure compliance with legislation, EMA stipulations, and to mitigate the effect, if any, of the facility and its operations on the environment.

Our team conducted a thorough Operational Plan Review, analysing key documents such as layouts, data, equipment logs, and historic information. This process enabled us to identify the impacts on the natural environment during the operational phase. Subsequently, we formulated comprehensive management plans for air quality, environmental aspects, and hazardous waste. These plans identified emission sources, waste streams, and proposed mitigation methods in accordance with relevant guidelines.

We fulfilled specific requests from the EMA, providing revised site plans and detailed descriptions of operational processes, including the receipt, storage, and treatment of medical wastes. This covered estimates for types and volumes of medical waste, projections for facility-generated waste, detailed incinerator information, estimates on air emissions, and a waste management plan for incinerator ash. Our thorough approach aimed to meet EMA requirements and enhance environmental compliance for Sanitec Ltd.

Site visits were crucial, allowing us to observe the physical area, infrastructure, and operational processes firsthand. This verification process ensured alignment between findings from project documents and on-site observations, providing a holistic understanding of potential impacts.