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Environmental Assessment & Management Plan for Tidal Turbine Project in Southeast Trinidad.

Sygma Environmental undertook a crucial Environmental Management Plan for the installation and commissioning of Sea Generator Tidal Turbines in Trinidad’s waters. The objective of this consultancy was to evaluate the potential effects of the proposed project and its operations on both the natural and social environment.

Our team conducted a thorough review of documents, plans, and studies related to the proposed project. This allowed us to identify potential impacts on the natural environment during both the construction and operational phases.

During the construction phase, our assessment addressed critical areas, including the materials used in siting the turbines and the turbines themselves, means of material transport, seabed turbine siting methods, potential marine and nearshore contamination, and the likelihood of disruption to marine life, with a specific focus on the benthic profile and communities.

Shifting to the operational phase, our evaluation encompassed potential underwater noise impact on marine life, changes in the benthic profile, and waste generation during turbine operation, servicing, and maintenance.

For each identified impact, Sygma Environmental provided comprehensive mitigation measures aimed at minimizing or eliminating their effects. This proactive approach aligns with our commitment to sustainable practices and environmental responsibility.

Sygma Environmental’s involvement in this project signifies our dedication to ensuring the responsible implementation of innovative energy solutions while safeguarding the delicate balance of the marine ecosystem.